The unapologetic couple

I stopped marketing for Missoula, MT weddings a few years ago. I left my website and let it all sit. I am reemerging, unfolding into the wedding scene. I gingerly step as I second shoot and rebuild a presence. Older and wiser, I see and know more. I want to work for couples that are unapologetically romantic and are wedding for themselves. What does this mean and are you that……

when you are in love you throw yourself into each others arms; there is not much posing a photographer has to do when the romance is vibrant

when your wedding day is about what you want, the love, the love, the commitment

when your story is front and center you can look at images as a story book- one of rich emotion

you trust me to watch you and the loved ones around you because it is about you and your spouse- all your emotions – what moves you is what I will capture