Grooms. Nord Weddings.

So I heard this saying, “Grooms are people too!”

Let’s talk about this for a minute. Well of course they are, well, people; right?  I do not for a minute want to overlook the groom. The wedding and the wedding planning can seem all about the bride, but I know some guys who are very particular about details. Love this. Love these kind of grooms. As a wedding photographer, of course I am working for two people. I want to hear from the groom, I want to know what he wants. These are good questions to be asked, if you are the groom. Book your wedding with a photographer who cares about what you, you the groom, how you think and feel. After all, you are part of the investment, you will be in the majority of the images and you will appear in the album. So caring and being asked what you care about is very important.  firstembrace-0125

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